Scrap Metal Collection

In 2013 Noel Murphy lead a team to canvass the locality in the search of scrap metal. There were many trips with trailers to gather the scrap into a number of central collection points.

This was a very successful fundraising event, with in excess of 40 tonne of scrap metal collected. It also gave members of the GAA Club the opportunity to get out amoung the community and to meet our neighbours.

Special thanks go to Gerry Moloney, John McCarthy and Kevin Hayes for the use of their premises and to Noel Murphy for driving this initiative and actively collecting scrap over a number of months.

Thanks to all of you who supported the Club through donating your scrap metal and to the members of the Club for spending time collecting the scrap metal.

There is more scrap out there and we are continuing to collect it…….

If you wish for the Crecora Manister GAA Club to benifit from the scrap metal which you have, please do not hesitate to contact Noel Murphy or Paul Foster, or you can contact the Club through this web site or directly on

Scrap Heap
photo credit: Travis S. via photopin cc

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